Robert Rexton

Shhhh. You'll wake the trade. And who wants to jack someone off while they're awake? I found Robert Rexton completely passed out (hint hint) and got to work on his spongy prick until it was rock hard and squirting a fountain of spooge. Short and sweet and straight to the point.

Director: Jack Miller

Trevor Bennett

I went bear hunting! And I bagged me a daddy bear with Trevor Bennett. Took a little more effort than my usual boys, but it was worth it. This was a grab and go - I didn't wanna risk him waking up, so I just pulled his pants down enough to give me full access and got my reward. I would love to see the look on Trevor's face when he comes to and discovers dried spooge all over his crotch, belly and lips.

Director: Jack Miller

Diego Tovar

Diego Tovar's been around that block. You'd think he'd know better than to leave his appletini unattended. Well he doesn't. And if he's ordering appletinis, he deserves what I give him.

Director: Jack Miller

Chase Parker

I like when I discover the object of my affection has a nice fat cock for me to play with. Chase Parker's dick is thick and shoots nice healthy ropes of man seed.

Director: Jack Miller

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