Justin Morgan

I got me a Morgan twin! Good ol' Justin here was out on the town and had a few too many. Luckily I was there to make sure he got into bed comfortably... my bed. I think after this I need to make a point of earning that second matching notch on my belt.

Director: Jack Miller


Assisting men to fall into a deep nap is one of my favorite things. Fletch was out like a light, so I pulled down the covers and he was quickly hard as a rock. That's how I like 'em and ol' Fletch here did not disappoint.

Director: Jack Miller

Neil McAulley

If he didn't want it he wouldn't have drunk so much. Don't I sound like I'm up for a Supreme Court seat? Neil McAulley helps me demonstrate my judicial handling ability.

Director: Jack Miller

Max Fuller

You know what happens when you hit the mini-bar too hard, and I know you're not going to offer to cover the bill? THAT is what happens to Max Fuller once he's passed completely hell out. Lucky me.

Director: Jack Miller

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