Max Fuller

You know what happens when you hit the mini-bar too hard, and I know you're not going to offer to cover the bill? THAT is what happens to Max Fuller once he's passed completely hell out. Lucky me.

Director: Jack Miller

Eric Smyth

Nothing says, "Of course I can trust this guy," like an open invite to raid the mini-bar. 

"What's that? You can barely stand up? You better sleep it off." Works every time.  Then the fun begins and by fun, I mean Eric's fat sausage cock erupting all over the place.

Director: Jack Miller

Pat "The Rat" Moon

Pat "The Rat" Moon is adorable standing at only 5'5". You know what I like best about the short ones? Their tolerance. I put Pat’s cock through severe manhandling - working it over and over until I get the seed to spill out.

Director: Jack Miller

Colt Waywardbound

Breaking this Colt in was easier that i thought. All I had to do was keep saying "can i buy you another"? After that its was smooth ridin'.

Director: Jack Miller

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