Marco Napoli

After some espionage to make sure I wouldn’t be interrupted, I snuck into Marco Napoli’s hotel room and got pretty excited to see what was waiting for me under the crisp white sheets. Marco might have been dead to the world, but this just proves that a man’s dick has a mind of it’s own. A little lubrication and some thorough manipulation of Marco’s cock head and I got what I came for - the creamy white stuff spilled out all over my hands and the guy’s dick shaft.

Director: Jack Miller

Jack Dyer

Is that a bear skin rug? No, it's just the guy I got drunk! I got to give Jack Dyer credit though. I'm a very heavy handed bartender and there is not a trace of whiskey dick. Imagine my surprise to discover the thick PA on the head of his cock. I love that I never know what I will find between a man's legs.

Director: Jack Miller

Dean Rogers

Sometimes I enlist a little help, cause it's just as fun to have an accomplice in getting the load out. Dean Rogers is down for the count but his dick sure springs up when Diego Tovar sneaks in to gently coax a load out of his slumbering nut sack.

Director: Jack Miller

Robert Rexton

Shhhh. You'll wake the trade. And who wants to jack someone off while they're awake? I found Robert Rexton completely passed out (hint hint) and got to work on his spongy prick until it was rock hard and squirting a fountain of spooge. Short and sweet and straight to the point.

Director: Jack Miller

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