Drew Dixon

Our catch of the day is Drew Dixon! A lean cut of meat, sedated to order and served with a generous portion of foreskin. Bon Creepetit!

Director: Jack Miller

Dev Tyler

Dev slept deep and sound.
I picked the lock, jacked his cock, 
milked his cum and left.

Bet you never thought you'd find a haiku on this site.
Oh - - - and Dev Tyler has a meaty cut cock that shoots a thick creamy load of white jizz!

Director: Jack Miller

Buster Rhodes

Buster Rhodes? More like "bust your loads!” Bearded and hairy, I was thrilled to find a nice fat PA’d dick under the blanket waiting for a good manhandling. Buster’s cock sprang to attention and I squeezed and milked it good, feeling it grow harder until it erupted lava squirts of cum.

Director: Jack Miller

Max Rivers

Wanna know what's weird? I didn't even have to try with this one. He left his side door just open for any handsome weirdo to stroll in and molest him, through a completely uninterrupted slumber, right in the light of day. For this I dub thee "Rip Van Wankle".

Director: Jack Miller

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